The Situation Awareness Specialist® Certificate Program, is designed to educate individuals in the craft of Situational Awareness, and help build & enhance the capacity to understand and deal with the dynamics of random and potentially threatening events which can be encountered at any moment. 

This is a U.S. recognized and accredited program which is a must for individuals in any industry anywhere throughout the world. It raises awareness on a personal & organizational level; creates safer work environments and communities; and it also reduces potential losses for an organization, all through proper development of employee Situational Awareness.​​

​what is the Situation Awareness Specialist® Certificate Program and who should attend?


  • Universities and Colleges
  • School Staff, Faculty and Students
  • Trade Schools
  • School Systems and Districts
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  • Airport Managers and Officials, Aviation Security Professionals, Airline and AVSEC Staff
  • Rail Station Managers and Officials
  • Cruise Port Officials, Port Security, Ship Personnel​


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bergeron group:
Situation Awareness training

We are proud of our partnership with Arcuri Group and being the exclusive​ providers of the Situation Awareness Specialist® Certificate Program throughout the UAE, GCC and Greater Arabian Peninsula Region.

Arcuri Group’s Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program sets a global standard for certification in the field of situational awareness. With certificate holders and strategic partners in 64 countries, Arcuri Group LLC is a world leader in situational awareness training and certification through its Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Training System. 

​​Arcuri Group engaged thought leaders who have served with world leading organizations such as; the United States Marine Corps, United States Central Intelligence Agency, United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Coast Guard, United States Border Patrol, Toronto Police Service, Department of National Defense Canada, United Nations Police (UNPOL), various police agencies, and the University of South Florida Criminology Department, to peer review the Situation Awareness Specialist® Professional Program and provide feedback. The Standard was developed as a result of this expert led, consensus-based peer review process.


  • Law Enforcement / Police Personnel
  • ​Government Security Officials
  • ​Public Domain Officials
  • Identify and Mitigate Risk
  • Recognize Hazards and Danger
  • Enhance Resiliency & Safety
  • Strengthen Personal Skills
  • Reduce the potential of loss
  • Support Organizational Goals
  • ​Improve Organizational Culture
  • Much more...


​bring situational awareness training to your company, organization or team and improve your capabilities to:

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we offer group training sessions which are perfect for:


  • Luxury Boutiques and Shopping Mall Staff
  • Hotel Operators, Theme Park Managers, and Staff
  • Security Managers and Personnel​
  • Office Managers, Directors & Staff


  • Hospital Management, Department Heads & Staff
  • Hospital Security Managers and Officers
  • Nursing Home Operators
  • Facilities Management and Staff​


  • Event Planners and Organizers
  • Venue and Arena Management
  • Non-Profit Location Leaders and Staff​​